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MAA by Federico Carpani & Indra Kumar Jha

Title: MAA
Artists: Federico Carpani, Indra Kumar Jha

Additional contributor: Text Editor: Luca Libertini Nah / Translator: Shirah Wagner
Designer: Federico Carpani
Editor: Federico Carpani
Imprint: ///
Printer: Longo Spa, Bolzano, Italy
Publication date and place: September 2015 / Bologna, Italy
Edition: 500
Format, binding: Softcover, exposed spine, gatefold on each page.
Size:  21 x 28 cm
Number of pages and images: 220 pages /193 images
Type of printing and paper: Offset 5/5c, 150 g/m2 GardaGloss
Retail price: 50€ / Limited Ed. 75€

Book Description: MAA is an archive of images of Time and Death in the contemporary India of Varanasi, the holiest city of the subcontinent where for over 3000 years hindus have cremated their dead. The project springs from the friendship between Federico and Indra, the only Varanasi photographer which the community permits to document the cremations. The two authors met by chance thanks to the photos exhibited by Indra in an alley which leads to Manikarnika, stage of the funeral rites. From that day, for three years, the images were collected in an archive which now exceeds 10.000 jpeg files. The Book results from the research done by Indra and Federico. It constitutes images of the deaths and lives which incessantly intertwine in Varanasi. MAA dissipates the romantic ideas and stereotypes of indian spirituality. The editing brings together 108 photo-portraits with images of weddings, birthdays and ID photos. Over the course of the reading these two worlds meld into a flux of events inspired by the Goddess Kali: the terrifying personification of Time, the great mother-creator.

Book Soundtrack:  MAA THE MOVIE

  • Title: MAA
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