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One Second of Light by Giles Duley

Title: One Second of Light
Artist: Giles Duley

Additional contributor:  contributions from Gino Strada, Melissa Fleming, A.L. Kennedy and an interview with Giles Duley by Rogers Tatley
Designer:  Shaz Madani
Editor: Giles Duley
Imprint: Benway Publishing
Printer: Push, London
Publication date: July 2015
Edition: First Edition, 3000 copies
Format, binding: Hardcover with several gatefold
Size: 28 cm  x 21.5 cm
Number of pages and images: 184 pages / 117 images
Type of printing and paper: Digital print on Phoenix Motion paper.
Retail price: £30
Website: One Second of Light, Giles Duley

Book Description: One Second Of Light is a book of photographs by Giles Duley created over the past decade. It’s not a retrospective, but rather an anthology of stories, moments that let us glimpse into the lives of others. Whilst the photographs are created in places of conflict and disaster, these are not images of victims or events, but moments of life and normality, scenes that we can all relate to. They are stories about shared humanity. “When putting this book together,” said Duley, “I became fascinated by the question of time. Most of my images are taken at 1/60 sec or 1/125 second, which means when you put this whole collection together, the reality is they only add up to a second of light. A second that gives insight into other lives, but also makes us question how much we don’t see. I see myself as a storyteller, and this book represents my reflections on the most powerful stories I’ve been entrusted with. “A humbling and moving book that shows us moments of lives of people, many of them impacted by past wars or conflicts. Giles Duley’s new book – One Second of Light is covering his work from 2005-2015.

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  • Title: One Second of Light
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