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Badlands by Sylvain Biard

Title: Badlands
Artist: Sylvain Biard
Additional contributor: Robert Lamer
Designer: Laurie Werle
Editor: Sylvain Biard
Imprint: Sylvain Biard
Printer: Pixart Printing, Quarto D’Altino, Italy
Publication date and place: May 2016 / Paris, France
Edition: 30
Format, binding: Softcover / Adhesive Binding
Size: 21×21 cm
Number of pages and images: 84 Pages / 45 Photos
Type of printing and paper: Digital Print / Classic Demimatt 170g
Retail price: 10 Euros

Book Description: “Essoyes, France. December 6 2014. My grandmother is buried in the cemetery of a small village of France. That morning the white sky was mingling with the mists. The color was gone. She’s there now. Around her there are these roads and these campaigns. Somewhere in family albums I find her presence in the pictures that her father took among other landscapes, beside other roads.”

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  • Title: Sylvian Biard
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