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The Girl From No. 13 by Karin Crona

Title: The Girl from No. 13
Artist: Karin Crona

Additional contributor: One photograph of me at age 6 (on a bike) shot by my father, Bo Nyberg
Designer: Karin Crona
Editor: Karin Crona
Printer: Magenta Color, 55 boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris
Publication date and place: July 2016/Paris, France
Edition: 100
Format, binding: softcover, stapled
Size:  13×19 cm
Number of pages and images: 48 pages / 33 images
Type of printing and paper: digital print on recycled paper 100g (sorry don’t have the name of the stock)
Retail price: 15 euros

Book Description: This is a juxtaposition of my series “The Girl From No 13” with my childhood drawings from the 70s as well as some family archives. It is a story of what will happen to your dreams as you grow up…

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  • Title: The Girl from No. 13
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