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Common Issue 1 by Zhongjia Sun

Title: Common Common
Artist: Zhongjia Sun

Designer: Zhongjia Sun
Editor: Zhongjia Sun
Printer: HP Indigo digital press, United States
Publication date and place: August 2016 / New York City, United States
Edition: 50
Format, binding: Softcover/ Saddle Stich
Size: 20x 27cm
Number of pages and images: 34 pages/ 32 images
Type of printing and paper: digital
Retail price: $12

Book Description: 

Common Common is an magazine created by Zhongjia Sun. The laws of gravity do not apply to her photograph. She makes the ordinary, not ordinary and disrupts expectations through the extraordinary, shifting perception. Her images are playful, exuberant and free from fixed meanings. Style derived from intuition and imagination is the primary element. Common Common invites viewers to take pleasure in unique experiences.

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  • Title: Common Issue 1
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