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Volume of Light (A-G) by Thomas Brown

Title: Volume of Light (A-G)
Artist: Thomas Brown

Designer: Ben Weaver Studio
Website Developer: Benedict de Silva
Editor:  Thomas Brown
Imprint:  Brown Books
Printer:  Zwaan, Netherlands via Rik @ Wonderful Books
Publication date and place: September 2016 / London, UK
Edition: 469
Format, binding: Softcover Foil Blocked / Thread Sewn in sections
Size:  21.0 x 29.7 cm
Number of pages and images: 168 pages / 469 Images
Type of printing and paper:  Offset / 115 gsm Tatami White
Retail price: £45

Book Description: Volume of Light invites you to adopt and assign a title to a chosen image.  Restricted only by 47 characters, the title and image selection forms the basis of a permanent and exclusive collaboration between image maker and the viewer.  Abstract studies of form and colour quickly become charged with a new unshakeable interpretation.  Adopters receive a 210 x 297mm print of their chosen image complete with their given title.

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  • Title: Volume of Light (A-G)
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