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Keep Your Socks On by Jessy Raso

Title: Keep Your Socks On
Artist: Jessy Raso

Designer: Fanni Vagra (Garment Designer)
Editor: Jessy Raso
Printer: HP, Clapton, London
Publication: June 2016 / Clapton, London
Edition: 27
Format: Soft Cover / Machine Stitched
Size: 10.5 x 15 cm
Pages and Images: 20 Pages / 20 Images
Type of printing and paper: Inkjet / 128 GSM
Retail Price: £7

Book Description: Keep Your Socks On is a fold out concertina handmade book to complement Jessy’s first London exhibition Stripped @ The Machine No.3 with the Creative Collective.

The artist’s work is closely linked to her own emotions, revolving her concepts around themes of the heart. This book captures her subjects closely focusing her lens on lovers, friends and herself. She creates a feeling of nostalgia and lovesickness, with her double exposed bold imagery, highlighting the beauty of girlhood. The book also includes a poem that can be read in multiple ways, depending on how you decide to open up the book.

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  • Title: Keep Your Socks On
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