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Midway by Ciara J. Alberts

Title:  Midway
Artist:  Ciara J. Alberts

Designer:  Elana Schlenker
Editor:  Ciara J. Alberts
Printer: Conveyor Arts
Publication date and place:  October 2016 / Oregon, USA
Edition:  100
Format, binding: Hardcover, clothbound, Foil Stamped
Size: 20.3 x 25.4 cm
Number of pages and images: 82 pages / 59 images
Type of printing and paper:  Digital offset / #100 Silk Coated
Retail price: $50

Book Description: Ciara J. Alberts spent the first ten years of her life with her family on the traveling carnival, Reithoffer Shows, which they continue to work for today. During 2015, after ten years of spending time off the road, Alberts began traveling with the carnival and her family once again. For this series she utilizes the carnivals inherently theatrical midway as a stand in studio to construct still life images. She also documents her surroundings, community and homecoming with a highly intimate understanding of this very public space. The work is both social document and cultural critique, formal study and product of personal introspection. Alberts is both insider and outside, spectator and subject.

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  • Title: Midway
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