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01 by Kenya Sugai

Title: 01

Designer: Kenya Sugai
Editor: Kenya Sugai
Imprint: Kenya Sugai
Printer: Kenya Sugai, Tokyo Japan
Publication date and place:  August, 2016 / Kenya Sugai, Tokyo Japan
Format, binding: Softcover
Size:  W16.6cm × H25cm
Number of pages and images:  42 pages / 42 images
Type of printing and paper: Laser printing
Retail price: 2000JPY

Book Description:

Over the last dozen years Tokyo-based photographer I have specialised in snapshots. Capturing both the social meaning of my subjects and the gap that occurs when they are situated in the real world. But in recent years, I moved toward a more purely visual representation, focusing on the colours and forms that appear when his subject is removed from its social meaning. This book is a collection of pure snapshots, what has been called Sugai’s life’s work, capturing the pure colours and forms that appear when the social perception of a subject is discarded.

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