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Fortieth Parallel by Rory Hamovit

Title: Fortieth Parallel
Artist: Rory Hamovit

Designer: Rory Hamovit
Imprint: Inpatient Press
Printer: Self-Printed and Assembled in Brooklyn, New York
Publication Date and Place: October 2016 / Brooklyn, New York, USA
Edition: First Edition of 40
Format, binding: Softcover, Saddle Stitch
Size: 21.59cm x 13.97cm
Number of Pages and Images: 44 Pages, 33 Photographs, 3 Illustrations
Type of printing and paper: Laserjet Printing/Newsprint with Custom Marbled Paper Covers
Retail Price: $15

Book Description: A retracing of 19th century photographer Timothy O’Sullivan’s routes across the American West.

Book Soundtrack:

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