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Hymns by Noah Jackson

Title: Hymns
Artist: Noah Jackson

Designer: Noah Jackson & Number 04
Editor: Noah Jackson
Imprint: Self Published
Publication date and place: October, 2016 / Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Edition: (60)
Format, binding: Hardcover Bound
Size:  20 x 26 cm
Number of pages and images: 104 pages, 54 images
Type of printing and paper: 100 lb. bright white cover with UV coating
Retail price: $65

Book Description:

I am trying to make a bible for myself, where the prophets are quiet and the lessons come through music and lovely places. I am paying homage to the times where I have felt a really pretty sadness, something I think equates to feeling spiritual. This work fabricates spiritual experiences, centred on a desire to communicate these moments through stories. These stories illustrate my personal thoughts and lump together my favourite feelings with my favourite things to build, collect, and buy. In these images I illustrate the complexities of loneliness, my love for natural history museums and nightclubs, and a fascination with the possibility of an afterlife. When I force these ideas together they harmonise and reject each other resulting in narratives that feel both sentimental and empty.

Book Soundtrack:

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