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The Honeymoon Suite by Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso’s alter ego “Joyce” shows us another side of beauty.

Self Publish, Be Happy TV is our YouTube channel where we commission artists to create short videos. Inspired by early MTV and experimental film, Self Publish, Be Happy TV is a platform for playful and idiosyncratic broadcasting and has shown videos at Tate Modern (Britain), Micamera (Italy) and Atopos (Greece). For episode eight we commissioned British artist Juno Calypso to make The Honeymoon, the latest in a series of works in which she adopts the fictional persona of “Joyce” and carries out rituals of constructed femininity to an absurd extreme. The Honeymoon was filmed in 2015 at a couples-only resort in Pennsylvania and sees her twisting a green clay body-mask beauty routine into a mesmerising science-fiction metamorphosis.

Executive Producers: Bruno Ceschel and Antonio de Luca
Series Producer: Joe Wilson

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