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First Love by Akis Kokkinos

  • Title: First Love
  • Artist: Akis Kokkinos
  • Additional Contributor: Costas Kazantzis, Phaenography
  • Designer: Akis Kokkinos, Teti Kamoutsi, Costas Kazantzis
  • Editor: Akis Kokkinos
  • Publication date and place: January 2017 / Athens, Greece
  • Edition: 50
  • Format, binding: hardcover
  • Size: 14.8 x 21 cm
  • Number of pages and images: 64 pages / 40 images
  • Type of printing and paper: digital, tatami 150g
  • Retail price: 60 EUR
Book description: First Love photobook is a self published book in edition of 50, tatami paper,150g. The pink velvet cover in combination with the size of the book (A5) are giving a sense of intimacy and at the same time fragility to the book and its content. Velvet is a material which you can find at all the class levels of a society and as a result its a statement for the fluidity of the socialpolitical context of the greek families until today.The pink color gives to the book a girly atmosphere and it goes me back to the christening day. There you have to choose between two colors, light blue for the boys and pink for the girls. So, its a comment on sexuality and what happens if the decision makers-your family, take the "wrong" decision. Each copy has hand written texts (not scanned) adding uniqueness to each book and offering the sense of a family calendar. Few experiencial book elements adding the wishfulness to go deeper to the family culture and to discover the family secrets.
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