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Radicalia by Piero Martinello

  • Title: Radicalia
  • Artist: Piero Martinello
  • Additional Contributor: Enrica Casentini, Alberto Gobber, Luca Zamoc, Patrick Waterhouse, Ramon Pez, Alberto Sola, Piero Casentini, Cosimo Bizzarri
  • Designer: Lorenzo Fanton
  • Editor: Piero Martinello
  • Imprint: Rorhof
  • Printer: Longo, Bolzano, Italy
  • Publication date and place: May 2016 / Schio, Italy
  • Edition: 750
  • Format, binding: Hardcover
  • Size: 20,5 x 26,2 cm
  • Number of pages and images: 136 pages / 70 images
  • Type of printing and paper: Offset / Munken Lynx 130 g
  • Retail price: 40 EUR
Book description: ‘Radical’ is something ‘acting in depth; concerning an issue beginning with its essential principles’, according to Salvatore Battaglia’s definition in the Grande dizionario della lingua italiana. With this as his starting point, photographer Piero Martinello travelled around Italy in search of women and men who – each in their own way and for different reasons – have embraced radical choices and lifestyles. Fools, ravers, criminals, devouts and cloistered nuns: Martinello’s subjects come to life in a series of portraits in which the photographic medium appears at times in its pure form, at others grafted in items of vernacular iconography (passport pictures, holy pictures, mug shots). Everything comes together in a concept album where the face becomes a prism through which to investigate the human need to undertake extreme and unconventional life paths.
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