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We Have Some Glimpse of Hope! by Johannes Fiola

  • Title: We Have Some Glimpse of Hope!
  • Artist: Johannes Fiola
  • Designer: Johannes Fiola
  • Editor: Johannes Fiola
  • Printer:, Krumbach, Germany
  • Publication date and place: March 2016, Bremen, Germany
  • Edition: 150
  • Format, binding: Softcover, stitch binding
  • Size: 17 x 24 cm
  • Number of pages and images: 92 pages, 30 images
  • Type of printing and paper: Digital print, Circleoffset White (100g/m2)
  • Retail price: £10
Book description: Not far away from the centre of Athens, there is a place called Prosfygika. The eight buildings are three floors high and have 180 apartments. Seventy percent of them are illegally occupied, while other apartments are owned or rented. Since the Greek state is not able to deal with the massive influx of refugees, Prosfygika has taken on a refugee camp-like function. The place has a long tradition of hosting refugees and other persecuted minorities: Prosfygika literally translated means refugees. The financial crisis has left its mark on Greek society. Due to tough financial austerity measures, for a lot of people in Greek society, the financial crisis was the beginning of a personal crisis. On one hand there are people who have no other choice than to stay in Prosfygika, and on the other hand there are activists creating new alternatives of organizing community— independent of the state. They try to escape from routine structures, and take the challenge of being poor and rejected from the majority to organize the neighbourhood in a collective way. They understand crisis as a chance for transformation and believe that "we have some glimpse of hope".
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