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Fern by Rosaline Shahnavaz

  • Title: Fern
  • Artist: Rosaline Shahnavaz
  • Designer: Rosaline Shahnavaz
  • Editor: Rosaline Shahnavaz
  • Printer: Avenue Litho
  • Publication date and place: 07/2017 London, UK
  • Edition: 1000
  • Format, binding: Softcover, perfect binding
  • Size: 17x24,4 cm
  • Number of pages and images: 64 / 53
  • Type of printing and paper: Litho, Astralux and Olin
  • Retail price: £20
Book description: FERN is Rosaline Shahnavaz’s latest exploration of the photographer- model relationship. Her book comprises a series of photographs, taken over the duration of a year, chronicling the time spent between Shahnavaz and model Fern. Over this time, both photographer and subject have progressed in life; moving city, house, beginning new relationships and growing closer to one another. Capturing those in- between moments, Shahnavaz focuses not on perfection but rather the individuality of those in front of her lens; the traits that set them apart. It is through this sensibility that Shahnavaz reveals the charm and character of her subjects. FERN renders us privy to their intimacy; as we come to the end of the photographs, we feel as though Fern is our friend too and perhaps we had been there for each of these moments.
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