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Instytut by Gabriel Orłowski

  • Title: Instytut
  • Artist: Gabriel Orłowski
  • Additional Contributor: Michał Chojecki
  • Designer: Gabriel Orłowski
  • Editor: Gabriel Orłowski
  • Imprint: Oficyna Peryferie
  • Printer: Oficyna Peryferie (RISO)
  • Publication date and place: 15.11.2017 / Warsaw, Poland
  • Edition: 170
  • Format, binding: Hardcover, stitch bound
  • Size: 14 x 19,9 cm
  • Number of pages and images: 80 / 88
  • Type of printing and paper: risograph, Munken Pure Rough 100g/m2
  • Retail price: 12EUR / 49PLN
Book description: Standing on a shelf, this book seemingly doesn't differ from other solid, hard-cover publications. But there is something in it, that you could never find in any other industrially produced publication. Materiality - or even corporeality - of the Riso printing technique overlays a story told in simple pictures – the narration is based on collages and their connotations. Institute – a macguffin operator in the field of research – leads an expedition, where something goes wrong. But what precisely? Various parallels of a long lost voyage diary come to head. The book is sensuous and organic. The paint smudges a but under fingers, what strengthens the specific atmosphere of the story. If I may suggest, put Institute near your favorite National Geographic's. That will be where it's best for it.
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