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Affectation Correspondence by Annabel Frearson

  • Title: Affectation Correspondence
  • Artist: Annabel Frearson
  • Additional Contributor: Gareth Proskourine-Barnett
  • Designer: Regular Practice
  • Editor: Gareth Proskourine-Barnett
  • Imprint: Tombstone Press
  • Printer: Tallinn Book Printers, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Publication date and place: 'February 2018
  • Edition: 250
  • Format, binding: Softcover / perfect binding
  • Size: 20cm x 12cm
  • Number of pages and images: 312
  • Type of printing and paper: Offset
  • Retail price: £16
Book description: Affectation Correspondence is set in a genetically modified future where human emotions are engineered and sold. It is an experimental science fiction story that combines first person narrative with concrete poetry and forms part of Annabel Frearson’s ongoing major project Frankenstein2, which aims to reconfigure the entirety of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1831) using all and only the words from the original into a new expanded novel and associated works. Frearson has exhibited, published and performed works in the UK and abroad, including Wollstonochlincraft 1791-1971, Sic, BaudriR, and Last Tango Inception. In these projects she rearranges existing cultural objects into new relationships through a promiscuous approach to material and form.
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