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Under The Impression by Paola Musico

  • Title: Under The Impression
  • Artist: Paola Musico & Matteo Schgor
  • Designer: Paola Musico
  • Editor: Paola Musico
  • Printer: The Printing Centre, 37 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS
  • Publication date and place: July 2018, London, UK
  • Edition: 150
  • Format, binding: Softcover, section sewn
  • Size: 16 cm x 22.5 cm
  • Number of pages and images: 24 pages, 14 images
  • Type of printing and paper: Digital printing, 160 gr. coated paper and acetate
  • Retail price: £20
Book description: 'Under the impression’ questions how something familiar could became unknown if looked from a single point of view. Through the aseptic eyes of google maps’ satellites, the artists collected landscapes transfigured by the aerial prospective to create an uncanny imagery.
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