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Common Sense is a Hungry Bitch by Chantal Rens

  • Title: Common Sense is a Hungry Bitch
  • Artist: Chantal Rens
  • Designer: Chantal Rens
  • Editor: Chantal Rens
  • Printer: Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel, the Netherlands
  • Publication date and place: May, 2018 / Tilburg, the Nederland
  • Edition: 500
  • Format, binding: hardcover with gold embossing + dust jacket / sewn
  • Size: 15,4 x 21,7 x 1,6 mm
  • Number of pages and images: 98 pages / 52 images
  • Type of printing and paper: offset / paper: 170 g/m2 Luxo Art Samt
  • Retail price: 38€
Book description: "Common Sense is a Hungry Bitch collects an array of collage work, striking and uncanny interventions that challenge what you’re seeing. The warm and weathered quality of the images from mid-century vernacular source material lull the viewer into a certain comfort, the nostalgic tint of Life magazine or a family photo album torn and pasted into jarring contortions of people, animals, and scenery that are swapped amongst themselves, irrevocably mixed-up. Surrounding the collage images are carefully juxtaposed spot colours that enhance this familiar yet uncomfortable tone and bring you deeper into spreads where each image begs a double-take." — Printed Matter, Inc., New York
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