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Contemporary Photography and Art with Charlotte Cotton


05 June 2020

Friday, 5 June 2020
Milan 6pm / London 5pm / NYC 12 noon / Los Angeles 9am / Shanghai 12 midnight
2-hour Masterclass
Live on Zoom

Curator and writer Charlotte Cotton will look at the contributions 21st century photography has made and continues to make to the field of contemporary art.
She will examine the subject through the lens of the research she is doing for the update of her influential textbook The Photograph as Contemporary Art, which was first published as part of Thames & Hudson’s historic ‘World of Art’ series in 2004. This masterclass will give participants a unique understanding of how photography has become a dynamic, multi-form art medium, and what has changed in our ideas about contemporary art photography over the past 15 years.

Charlotte Cotton is a curator, writer and creative consultant who has explored photographic culture for over 20 years. She has held positions including curator of photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, head of programming at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, and curator and head of the Wallis Annenberg Department of Photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her book, The Photograph as Contemporary Art, is published in 10 languages and has been a key text in charting the rise of photography as an art form in the 21st century. The fourth edition will be published in September 2020.

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