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Contemporary Photography and Technology with Milo Keller on Vimeo on Demand

In this masterclass, Milo Keller, head of photography at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, presents the technologies that are radically changing the way we interact socially, economically and politically with photographic images.

Referencing the research project, Augmented Photography and work by ECAL students, the class focuses on the materialization and dematerialization of the image and new forms of fabrication, aesthetics and diffusion related to photogrammetry, computer-generated imagery and artificial intelligence.

While highlighting elements of continuity and rupture with the history of photography and the dizzying consequences of its digitalization, Keller proposes examples from the cultural industry and contemporary art that allow us to better understand the visual network composed of humans and machines in which we are all immersed today.

Photographer and professor Milo Keller, is known for his photographic work in the fields of architecture and design. He has been teaching at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne since 2007, became head of BA photography program in 2012, and launched the Master’s in photography in 2016. He also launched and now directs the Augmented Photography research program, which questions the influence of new technologies in the materialization and dematerialization of the photographic image. Since 2012, he has curated for ECAL numerous exhibitions and publications in Switzerland and internationally, and given organized conferences on his pedagogical and research activities.

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Topics covered in class:


Dziga Vertov – Kino-Eye Manifesto (1923)

Chapter 1: Renaissance

Pietro Perugino – Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter (1481-82)
Brook Taylor – New Principles of Linear Perspective (1811)
Claus Gunti

Chapter 2: Photography

Nic éphore Ni épce – View from the Window at Le Gras (1827)
John Knoll / Photoshop – The First Demo / Jennifer in Paradise, (1987)
Andreas Gursky – Paris, Montparnasse (1993)
Jonathon Crary 24/7: Late Capitalism and the End of Sleep, (Verso, 2014)

Chapter 3: Post-Photography

Blade Runner – Esper Photo Analysis (1982)
The Matrix – Bullet Time Scene (1999)
Eadweard Muybridge, The Horse in Motion, 1878
ECAL/Workshop Dominic Hawgood – Portrait of a place (2019)
ECAL/Robin Bervini – Memento Vivere (2019)
ECAL/Nicolas Toulotte – Genesis 1:27 (2017)
ECAL/Calum Douglas – Sunset (2016)
ECAL/Sally Jo – After the Rain at Mt Inwang (2020)
ECAL/ Florian Amoser – Aporetic Spectacle (2017)
ECAL/Gael Gorbez – Deep Fog (2020)
StyleGAN2 Interpolation Loop
Machine Vision in Tesla
GauGAN – NVIDIA (2019)
Deep Dream Generator- Inception Animation with Deep Dream (2020)
The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, Google’s DeepDream

Chapter 4: And the Future

ECAL/Sara Bastai – As we melt (2020).
ECAL/ Gohan Keller, See me in Deep (2020).
ECAL/Manqin Zhang – Net Reds – Bodies in Technology (2020).
ECAL/Emidio Battipaglia – All Watched Over by Machine of Loving Grace Ver 1.1b (2020)
ECAL/Philipp Klak – See what is left (2020).

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