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How To Design a Photobook with Brian Paul Lamotte – NORTH AND LATIN AMERICA


26 March 2022

Saturday, 26 March: NYC 11am – 7pm / Los Angeles  8am – 4pm
Sunday, 27 March: NYC 11am – 7pm / Los Angeles  8am – 4pm
Course fee: £280 for 16 hours of teaching
Limited number of participants: 10
Live on Zoom

The How To Design a Photobook Workshop is an opportunity for photographers, interested in designing and producing their own books, to understand and work through the steps of taking their work off the screen and into print. Over the two-day intensive workshop, we will explore and discuss concept development, the building of a visual layout, typographic and cover treatments, and production preparation.

Through online presentations, tutorials, assignments, and one-on-one development, participants will think deeply about the creative choices behind their intended outcome and apply these strategies to best realize their intentions through both design and materials.

The workshop will cover a brief reference of contemporary and historical design strategies, as well as look at books designed by Lamotte for practical insight into various approaches. We will discuss and explore everything from lo-fi artist zines to offset-printed and bound photobooks.

During the workshop, each participant will present their own idea to the class and work to bring their project to life using InDesign (or other layout software). Throughout the workshop, Lamotte will help develop a practical plan for production and give advice as to how to produce your physical book through various local or online printers. The workshop will culminate with a group presentation of participants’ newly designed photography books.

This workshop is open for anyone who has an existing photographic series that they would like to make into a book. It’s preferable if you have already edited and sequenced the work from Ceschel’s workshop the weekend before, but it isn’t necessary. Previous experience of using InDesign is helpful but not required for participation, there will be an optional crash-course tutorial for those who need assistance.

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For the workshop, Zoom is a great platform to connect photographers near and far. I truly enjoyed the small class format, fostering a strong sense of community between all participants.

– Jamil Hellu, How To Self Publish a Photobook Workshop with Bruno Ceschel and How To Design a Photobook with Brian Paul Lamotte, December 2020

The diversity of students brought fresh and differing opinions. Bruno’s sharp and sensitive diagnosis of the problems in my book project really pushed me in the final stage of editing. The fast pace of the course was unexpectedly liberating as it removed all inhibitions during the process of making.

– Han Mengyun, How To Self Publish a Photobook with Bruno Ceschel attendeeNovember 2020

I went into SPBH’s first 2-day online book editing workshop with an open mind and was genuinely impressed by the format. We all made great progress and felt supported by the SPBH team throughout but what was particularly rewarding and enjoyable was how we were actively encouraged to engage with and support each other’s project on both an intellectual and practical level.

– Matt Hind, How To Self Publish a Photobook with Bruno Ceschel attendeeNovember 2020

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