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A Night of Love

SPBH Space Milan

14 February 2023

Valentine’s Day Screening: Carrie Ann by Nikolai Frerichs
Tuesday 14 February, 6pm – 9pm
Followed by Speed Dating + Sleezecore DJ Set, 9pm till Late

Is it possible to define love in a synthetically controlled world? Does romantic love exist or is it just an ideological construct? Software creators are constantly trying to design new tools and possibilities to simulate our world as realistically as possible, but these kinds of representations are often full of stereotypes. Is there something greater to be discovered in software-generated worlds, or do they remain just a projection of our imagination on the definition of an ideal life? Does love have the power to save us from standardisation? Carrie Ann by German artist Nikolai Frerichs explores the theme of love and technology with a short film that is both moving and challenging.

This event is part of the programme It’s Photography, Stupid! The screening is followed by Speed Dating + Sleezecore DJ Set at our beloved Bar Giada (Via Vinini 27) opposite SPBH Space.

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