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Self Publish, Be Happy is a call-to-arms, a rallying cry to take part, to act, and to share in a revolution: the new global uprising in visual culture.

Self Publish, Be Happy was founded by Bruno Ceschel in 2010 to promote a new generation of photographers and self-publishers. Through its activities in publishing, the curation of exhibitions and events, and education it has helped to support photography culture around the world.

Shortly after the financial crash, at a time when the digital revolution was really taking hold, it became apparent to Ceschel that the traditional publishing industry in which he was working wasn’t going to last. Looking for answers he discovered an international community of young artists making ground-breaking DIY photography books and zines. A new visual culture was emerging and it needed a platform on which people could engage with it: hence he founded Self Publish, Be Happy.

Over the years Self Publish, Be Happy has supported a network of emerging photographers around the world, amassed a huge following, partnered with leading institutions such as Tate Modern, Foam and Aperture, and expanded its remit to match an ever changing visual culture. It now comprises a publishing house, a library of more than 3,000 self-published titles, an education programme, and an experimental creative studio to direct and produce state-of-the-art visual content and socially engaged events.

Our Network

Self Publish, Be Happy has established an unrivalled global network of image-makers: fashion, documentary and art photographers, fine artists and other creatives. Through our ongoing support we have built privileged relationships with the individuals that define the visual landscape today. We helped to discover many of them and thanks to our open call for submissions to the library we continue to discover the most exciting image-makers from the new generation, all around the world.

Work With Us, Be Happy

Self Publish, Be Happy has a unique set of cultural resources, a global network of photographers and creatives, an engaged and passionate audience, and a rich history of working with corporate sponsors and partner organisations that share our passion for contemporary photography and visual culture.

There are a number of ways in which organisations and brands can engage key elements of our programme—the production of photography and film content, the making of publications, the curation of exhibitions and live events, and our education programme of lectures, workshops and research. Working with us brings great brand exposure, access to a huge international network of young creatives and professionals, and guaranteed happiness.


Self Publish, Be Happy works with a number of partner organisations that support our programme and variety of projects.