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Note by Saori Nakamura

Title: Note
Artist: Saori Nakamura

Designer: Saori Nakamura
Editor: Saori Nakamura
Printer: PRINTPAC Corporation (Kyoto, Japan)
Publication date and place: May 2016 / Tokyo, Japan
Edition: 100
Format, binding: softcover/binding thread
Size: 18.2×25.7cm
Number of pages and images: 44 pages / 42 images
Type of printing and paper: offset / mat coating paper
Retail price: ¥1,200

Book Description: My intent was to create a book which can never by fully consumed even after looking through it many times. Photos on adjacent pages were taken at the same time and place. Although combinations of photographs in different sequences may look similar, no one photo is identical to another. There are too many instances in my life that I feel “I wish I did that then.” If I had taken every opportunity accessible to me without reserve, how would my life be changed? It’s not the same feeling as regret, more of a nostalgic longing for moments I missed. This work is not a product of that feeling, but an examination of how my view of the past can alter my present. I believe that photography, which is our most accurate representation of the past, helps me explore my thoughts.

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  • Title: Note
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