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How To Work with NFTs with Gregory Eddi Jones – NORTH AND LATIN AMERICA


28 May 2022

Saturday, 28 May: NYC 11am – 7pm / Los Angeles  8am – 4pm
Sunday, 29 May: NYC 11am – 7pm / Los Angeles  8am – 4pm
Course fee: £280 for 16 hours of teaching
Limited number of participants: 15
Live on Zoom

Gregory Eddi Jones’ How To Work with NFTs workshop is for people interested in the intersections of photography and NFTs. Workshop participants will learn how to get involved in the NFT world as artists, curators, collectors, and theorists.

The artist and critic will talk about the histories, communities, and cultures of NFT photography, discuss the economics and theories of photography on the blockchain, and offer guidance on how to mint and sell work as NFTs.

During this two-day intensive workshop participants will bring their own ideas for how they hope to participate in the NFT world, as artists, collectors, or curators, and will collaborate with fellow students and the instructor to help put plans into motion.

Participants do not need to have any prior knowledge about the subject matter and the workshop participants will become part of SPBH’s online NFT community.

Workshop day 1

What is an NFT?
Why work with NFTs?
General Philosophy
Galleries vs self-representation
New audiences
Photographing for the screen, NFT as medium
History of photography on the blockchain
Curated photography platforms
Virtual exhibitions

Workshop day 2

Selling NFTs
NFT platform overviews
Smart contracts
Market dynamics
Pricing structures
Community dynamics

Gregory Eddi Jones is an American photographic artist, writer, publisher, and educator based near Philadelphia. His photographic work has been exhibited and published widely, and his most recent book, Promise Land, was published by SPBH Editions in 2021. He is the editor of PhotoVerso, a weekly newsletter about photography and NFTs, and managing editor of Fellowship, a curated platform and collecting entity for photography on the blockchain. Jones released his genesis NFT collection, Promise Land, in October 2021.

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