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SPBH Space: Friendly Fire

SPBH Space

13 April 2024

14 April –31 May 2024
Opening: 13 April 6-9pm

A Machine that can see.
A Machine that can think.
A Machine that can do.


Surveillance cameras are now ubiquitous, peering from every corner of our cities in the name of citizens’ safety. Military bases lie concealed beneath meticulously landscaped hills, while biometric scanners streamline airport security checks. Rifles are proudly shown as trophies on Tinder, while water guns are wielded by children’s hands on sunny Italian beaches. It’s all fun and games, until the realisation dawns: the target encompasses us all.

In the piece Friendly Fire, AATB & Unstated explore how state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and robotics are rapidly converging, propelling us into uncharted realms. Here, machines, robots, and pseudo-intelligent contraptions acquire a newfound sense of agency, influencing and interacting with their surroundings.

A robotic Cyclops, equipped with a monocular camera and bolstered by a robust neural processing system, is endowed with the ability to observe and engage with people unpredictably. The inner mechanisms of its decision-making processes are hard to grasp. Is it acting out of self-defence, aggression, or perhaps mere amusement? In its enigmatic behaviour, it may be on the cusp of learning what it means to be human.

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